listen to sarah discuss strategies for talking about race with young WHITE children (Third Space with jen cort, also on all podcast apps and iHeart Radio).


Because advancing racial justice requires tremendous courage



Courageous Change Consulting’s mission is to build capacity among white people of diverse backgrounds to discuss, understand, identify, and tackle racism. 



Courageous Change Consulting understands racism in the U.S. as a system that gives white people unearned privilege and power: a system white people today did not create and privilege and power they did not ask to have.  Even though, in this definition of racism, white people are not the direct targets of racism, they are still harmed by its insidious effects. Thus, creating a more racially equitable and just society benefits everyone.

Courageous Change Consulting’s work is rooted in the belief that white people can and should be a loving support for one another through the paradoxes, confusion, fears, and challenges that are inherent to racial justice work.  While it is absolutely essential to have conversations about racism in mixed-race groups, it is equally essential for people of color and white people to have their respective forums to support their own growth.  Moreover, there is an inherent responsibility for white people to support each other, as people of color already endure the burden of racism, and it should not be their job to hold white peoples’ hands in the journey.

In the process of white people supporting each other, it is important to acknowledge that many white people also have targeted identities around class, religion, gender, and sexual orientation, to name a few. Addressing how these identities intersect with whiteness is paramount to moving forward and often provides a lens into people of color’s lived experiences.  Every white person, including those with targeted identities, has an important role to play in transforming the unjust system we have all inherited.  Courageous Change Consulting seeks to create space for conversations and actions that contribute to this process of transformation.